Business and Art. How can they interact?

Sep 20, 2020


6-8 weeks 5-6 hours of work / week 6:00pm – 8:00pm

Course Brief

Through the course, you'll find out the function of copyright within the artistic and cultural spheres. Notice the function of copyright within the artistic and cultural spheres. Our course will provide help to to discover the function and significance of copyright in any spheres of life, particularly in enterprise. We purpose to look at the sensible abilities of the enterprise and present that copyright performs a major function, and impacts on totally different spheres of life. Additionally, you will uncover how copyright guidelines work within the circulation of financial advantages amongst creators, rights holders, and customers of inventive works. Our course means that you can attain an understanding of copyright that's extremely invaluable for creators and individuals who hope to make a profession in cultural and artistic spheres.

If you're a creator of inventive works in any sphere that you simply want to make profitable. This course is for the professionals concerned instantly or not directly within the artistic industries, and anybody excited about cultural and artistic industries (CCI). Our lectures additionally will likely be helpful to anybody working in copyright-related industries.

What We Will Cover In this Course?

  • Inventive and cultural industries – CCI
  • Inventive industries the place enterprise can work efficiently
  • The financial outcomes which each sector may give
  • The distribution of monetary outcomes between events
  • What creator ought to know to get the respectable revenue

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